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Sustainability and higher education design curricula


The necessity of implementing sustainability to higher education, and more specifically to the design curriculum has been widely recognised. While a number of universities and institutions worldwide have been, and are attempting to implement sustainability as a central component of the curricula, a number of issues remain.

Effective and cohesive implementation of sustainability to the higher education design curricula is indivisible from research and investigation of existing curricula on an international scale. This is the focus of Charlotte’s research and PhD project.

Article Title:

Re-connecting Design, Education and Sustainability: The Essential Role of Research in Higher Education Curriculum Development

Journal: The International Journal of Sustainability Education, Common Ground Research Networks. 

Article accepted for publication . 
Research presented at The International Conference On Sustainability in Cairns (January 2018). 

(The abstract has been removed as this article is now in the process of being published). 

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