Research and Publication

Shaping inclusion through museums


This research addresses the notion of accessibility in Museums. It also questions the notion of research itself in interior design and the role of mapping  in the research process.
This paper, focussing on accessibility, also relates to the notion of cultural sustainability.

Article Title:

”Doing dis/ordered Mappings:  Shaping Inclusion through Museums”


Dr Janice Rieger, Charlotte Kessler, Dr Megan Strickfaden,


Journal: Space and Culture, Sage Publication


Submitted, under review.


By doing collaborative mappings through embodiment, new narratives flow out through the actions of the fingers and body. Narratives that are of/from particular places and are mapped out through particular embodied experiences. It was through the doing of collaborative fibre mapping/s to analyse embodiment in interior spaces that we realized how much the materials pressed and pushed upon us. Through this struggle of giving in and following the materials, we realized that this work was also about doing and making— not of a product but about a process of becoming undone. The doing of mapping/s is not about fixing lines and encounters in order to produce a map or model; on the contrary, the doing of mapping/s is to explore differing embodiments and material relations among people, things and disability. Therefore, the approach to this research weaves in/with/through embodying in order to pursue new trajectories—in methods and methodologies, in material and relational theories, in processes of inclusion, in transdisciplinarity and in the doing of mapping/s. What the complex braiding of this research suggests is that a more holistic exploration of inclusion in the museum needs to be articulated, embodied, and drawn up. Through a doing of dis/ordered mappings, it is our hope that other ways of approaching, framing, doing and narrating design are opened up to: new knowledge processes (and an unknowingness); new engagements (multisensorial and co-constitutive); an embodied criticality in order to stumble across
new encounters (and become undone); play with new things (and get messy) and follow (and touch and feel) threads not yet enacted.